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Welcome to our free Word 2010 Tutorial! This website aims at becoming the definite online resource for everything Word 2010, from tutorials for beginners, to customizing your Microsoft Word workspace, onto more advanced topics like Macros, switches, etc. As the most popular product in the Office productivity suite, it will be included in any purchase of Office 2010; Microsoft has even, through the Windows Live team, released a free version of Word 2010 you can use from a web browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, etc. We'll explain how to use the online edition, and how to make it collaborate with the "offline", full-fledged version of the word processor, and how to share your documents online!

How to get Microsoft Word 2010?

Word 2010 is the advanced text editor (or "word processor") part of Microsoft's Office 2010 productivity suite. As you'll learn in a later tutorial, you can download Word 2010 for free to try it out before you commit to purchasing it. It can be purchased as a standalone product; or, like Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote, Word 2010 is part of all editions of the productivity suite: Office 2010 Home and Student edition, Office 2010 Home and Business edition, and Office 2010 Professional.


Tip: you may have heard of another version called "Microsoft Word Starter 2010", included in the "Office 2010 Starter Edition". This is a lower end version of the word processor that lets you to view documents created with Word 2010 and previous versions and create "basic" documents: it replaces the text editor that shipped with "Microsoft Works", an entry-level suite Microsoft has phased out.

And here's our first batch of Microsoft Word tutorials for beginners:
Bulleted list items in Word 2010 + custom bullets
Insert numbered lists in Word 2010
Add multilevel lists in Word 2010 (nested bullets / numbers)
Change text alignment options in Word 2010
Hide/show paragraph marks + hidden formatting symbols in Word 2010
Increase / decrease text indent in Word 2010
Alphabetize lines of text + sort numerical data in Word 2010
Paste text in Word 2010 documents + Customize pasting options
Change letter casing in Word 2010 (upper, lower)
Change line spacing in Word 2010 + Configure default line height settings
Insert page breaks in Word 2010 documents (manually or automatically)
Add section breaks in Word 2010 documents

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